Reborn Baby Dolls: Fake Babies Or Real Lifelike Dolls?

Reborn dolls, however people would intend to name them, fake babies or real baby dolls, they stay as dolls. But as these dolls were thoroughly crafted with hardwork and passion, Reborn artists and doll enthusiasts alike decline to furnish them the title fake babies.

Anybody calling them that name would certainly encounter a mob of angry reborn doll fanatics. Even if it is somewhat true, the term fake is not good to be used for these baby dolls, merely because it expresses mockery, imitation and crime. Calling these dolls fake expresses travesty to the artist’s ingenuity and efforts. Would it not anger you, if your beloved doll is given some names you hate to hear?

Moreover, every reborn artist would profess that,  visit –  no two reborn baby dolls are the same. Thus, no forgery or imitation has been done as they crafted their creations. Each doll is carefully washed, painted, mottled, accessorized and assembled to become reborn. They are garbed and christened with names. Human names that the reborners believe are perfect for them. These newly reborn baby dolls are also provided with birth certificates to support sponsorship papers. Literally, these dolls are cared for like human babies.

As the level of creativity and realism become more extensive, reborn babies become more valuable. Reborn doll makers feel that these babies have big roles to accomplish in their lives and in the lives of their future foster parents. Some reborn babies are deliberately hand-crafted for mothers who have just lost a baby, or to mothers who wanted to have one. Others make use of reborns to care for patients having dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Even more significant is the level of joy and satisfaction that these dolls express to their owners. When you hand a little girl, her own baby doll “sister”, you merely can’t take the smile off her face. She’ll be overjoyed to have it and treasure it for the rest of her life.

Moreover, if you present sick grandma, a sweet and cheerful reborn baby doll, she’ll pamper it as if the baby is one amongst her many offspring. If she can no longer recall your face, at least she remembers your name, which she gives to the real baby doll on her arms.

There is nothing alarming for something that has been crafted with love and passion. Reborn dolls are not fake babies. They’re real baby dolls that anyone would love to have and care for.

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